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Collection Report

Collection name: LINDAT CLARIAH CZ digital library at the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics UFAL Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Charles University

Total Score: 14859.1411 out of 18555.0000

Score percentage: 80.1%

Average Score: 12.01 out of 15.00

Maximal score in collection: 12.96

Minimal score in collection: 10.73

File Section

General information on the number of files and the file size.

Number of files: 1237

Total size: 8924138 B

Average size: 7214 B

Minimal file size: 2030 B

Maximal file size: 195609 B

Header Section

The header section shows information on the profile usage in the collection.
Important note: the score of this section differs from the score of the underlying profile. For more information on scoring have a look at the FAQ , please.

Profiles in Collection
ID Score Count
Total number of profiles: 3 1.51 6 1.37 786 1.05 445

Facet Section

The facet section shows the facet coverage within the collection. It's quite evident that the facet coverage of a certain CMD file can't be higher than those of the profile it is based on.

name coverage
facet-coverage: 71.4%
languageCode 37.7%
collection 100.0%
resourceClass 51.7%
modality 0.0%
format 7.2%
keywords 0.0%
genre 0.0%
subject 11.9%
country 0.0%
organisation 12.3%
name 49.5%
description 52.2%
license 15.8%
availability 11.8%

ResourceProxy Section

The resource proxy section shows information on the number of resource proxies on the kind (the mime type) of resources. A resource proxy is a link to an external resource, described by the CMD file.

Total number of resource proxies: 5266

Average number of resource proxies: 4.26

Total number of resource proxies with MIME: 4035

Average number of resource proxies with MIME: 3.26

Total number of resource proxies with reference: 5266

Average number of resource proxies with references: 4.26

XML Validation Section

The XML validation section shows the result of a simple validation of each CMD file against its profile.

Number of Records: 1237

Number of valid Records: 1236

Ratio valid Records: 99.9%

Invalid Records:

File Info Validate

XML Populated Section

The XML populated section shows information on the number of xml elements and the fact if these elements are conatining data.

Total number of XML elements: 101615

Average number of XML elements: 82.15

Total number of simple XML elements: 66668

Average number of simple XML elements: 53.89

Total number of empty XML elements: 2506

Average number of empty XML elements: 2.03

Average rate of populated elements: 96.2%

URL Validation Section

The URL validation section shows information on the number of links and the results of link checking for the links which have been checked so far.

Total number of links: 5266

Average number of links: 4.26

Total number of unique links: 5055

Total number of checked links: 4994

Total number of undetermined links: 8

Average number of unique links: 4.09

Total number of broken links: 204

Average number of broken links: 0.16

Ratio of valid links: 95.8%

Link Checking Results

Category Count Average Response Duration(ms) Max Response Duration(ms)
Ok 4651 125.17 5,129
Undetermined 8 0 0
Restricted_Access 6 49 67
Blocked_By_Robots_txt 125 0 0
Broken 204 174.76 2,425