Collection Report

Collection name: SADiLaR Language Resource Repository


Total Score: 4879.2672 out of 5865.0000

Score percentage: 83.2%

Average Score: 12.48 out of 15.00

Maximal score in collection: 12.96

Minimal score in collection: 11.38

Creation time: 2021-12-01 21:34:59.047+01:00 [Europe/Vienna]

File Section

Number of files: 391

Total size: 36337544 B

Average size: 92934 B

Minimal file size: 4752 B

Maximal file size: 33269437 B

Header Section

Profiles in Collection
ID Score Count
Total number of profiles: 1 1.37 390

Facet Section

name coverage
facet-coverage: 71.4%
languageCode 96.7%
collection 99.7%
resourceClass 99.7%
modality 0.0%
format 5.6%
keywords 0.0%
genre 0.0%
subject 17.4%
country 0.0%
organisation 99.2%
name 99.7%
description 99.7%
license 60.1%
availability 99.7%

ResourceProxy Section

Total number of resource proxies: 1301

Average number of resource proxies: 3.33

Total number of resource proxies with MIME: 911

Average number of resource proxies with MIME: 2.33

Total number of resource proxies with reference: 1301

Average number of resource proxies with references: 3.33

XML Validation Section

Number of Records: 390

Number of valid Records: 378

Ratio valid Records: 96.9%

Invalid Records:

File Info Validate

XML Populated Section

Total number of XML elements: 32732

Average number of XML elements: 83.71

Total number of simple XML elements: 22429

Average number of simple XML elements: 57.36

Total number of empty XML elements: 954

Average number of empty XML elements: 2.44

Average rate of populated elements: 95.8%

URL Validation Section

Total number of links: 1301

Average number of links: 3.33

Total number of unique links: 1301

Total number of checked links: 1295

Total number of undetermined links: 0

Average number of unique links: 3.33

Total number of broken links: 43

Average number of broken links: 0.11

Ratio of valid links: 96.7%

Link Checking Results

Category Count Average Response Duration(ms) Max Response Duration(ms)
Broken 43 0 0
Ok 1252 1,302.54 10,664

Invalid Files Section

  1. Invalid file: /tmp/16078695801169076883.xml
    Reason: Record 16078695801169076883.xml has size: 33269435 bytes but the allowed limit when processing collections is 10000000 bytes.