CMD Profile Report

Name GBA-derived_sub_coroparea
Description Profile for COROP area subdivision perspective on the resource GBA-derived
Schema Location
CMDI Version 1.2
Status production

Score Section

Segment Score Max
Total: 2.07 Max: 3.00
header-section 1.00 1.00
cmd-concepts-section 1.00 1.00
facets-section 0.07 1.00

Facets Section

Name Covered
Covered: 1 / 14 Coverage: 7.1%
collection true
languageCode false
resourceClass false
modality false
format false
keywords false
genre false
subject false
country false
organisation false
name false
description false
license false
availability false

Usage Section

Collection Usage
Meertens_Institute_Metadata_Repository 40

Cmd Component Section

Name Id Count
Total: 1 Unique: 1 Required: 1
COROP-area 1

Cmd Concepts Section

Total number of elements: 1

Number of required elements: 1

Number of elements with specified concept: 1

Percentage of elements with specified concept: 100.0%

Concept Status Count
Total: 1 Unique: 1 Required: 1
corop area CANDIDATE 1