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CMD Profile Report

Name NederlabSeriesTitle
Description A group of components together describing a Nederlab series title ('koepeltitel')
Schema Location
CMDI Version 1.2
Status development

Score Section

The scoring is based on public state of the profile, the percentage of elements (except header and resources) with concept and percentage of defined facets covered by the profile.
For details on scoring, have a look at the FAQ , please.

Segment Score Max
Total: 1.82 Max: 3.00
header-section 1.00 1.00
cmd-concepts-section 0.75 1.00
facets-section 0.07 1.00

Facets Section

The facet section shows if a specific facet is covered by the profile. In other words, if the profile defines an element for the facet.

Name Covered
Covered: 1 / 14 Coverage: 7.1%
collection true
languageCode false
resourceClass false
modality false
format false
keywords false
genre false
subject false
country false
organisation false
name false
description false
license false
availability false

Usage Section

The usage section shows in which collection the profile is used

Collection Usage
profile not used

Cmd Component Section

The components section shows information on the kind, id and the usage of concepts in the profile.
For more information on componets, have a look at the Component Registry Documentation , please.

Name Id Count
Total: 6 Unique: 6 Required: 4
NLCore 1
NLIdentification 1
NLAdministrative 1
NLExternalReference 1
NLSeriesTitle 1
NLCollectionSpecific 1

Cmd Concepts Section

The concepts section shows information on the kind, state and the number of concepts used in the profile.
For more information on concepts, have a look at the CLARIN Concept Registry , please.

Total number of elements: 24

Number of required elements: 7

Number of elements with specified concept: 18

Percentage of elements with specified concept: 75.0%

Concept Status Count
Total: 18 Unique: 18 Required: 5
nederlabID CANDIDATE 1
editorialID CANDIDATE 1
ingestTime CANDIDATE 1
lastEditedBy CANDIDATE 1
modificationTime CANDIDATE 1
editorialNote CANDIDATE 1
sourceCollection CANDIDATE 1
isThesaurusElement CANDIDATE 1
organizationName CANDIDATE 1
collectionName CANDIDATE 1
resourceRef CANDIDATE 1
description CANDIDATE 1
hasSerieTitle CANDIDATE 1