CMD Profile Report

Name CLARINWebService
Description This is a core model which can be used as a basis for web service registry specific models. In principle this profile shouldn't be instantiated, instead new profiles can be created which extend the structure built by the components in this profile. Valid instantiations of these extensions allow validation of the core elements against the schema of this profile. More detailed information, including facilities to validate compliance with this core model, can be found at:
Schema Location
CMDI Version 1.2
Status production

Score Section

Segment Score Max
Total: 2.27 Max: 3.00
header-section 1.00 1.00
cmd-concepts-section 0.98 1.00
facets-section 0.29 1.00

Facets Section

Name Covered
Covered: 4 / 14 Coverage: 28.6%
collection true
format true
name true
description true
languageCode false
resourceClass false
modality false
keywords false
genre false
subject false
country false
organisation false
license false
availability false

Usage Section

Collection Usage
profile not used

Cmd Component Section

Name Id Count
Total: 8 Unique: 4 Required: 4
Service 1
Operation 1
ParameterGroup 2
Parameter 4

Cmd Concepts Section

Total number of elements: 58

Number of required elements: 12

Number of elements with specified concept: 57

Percentage of elements with specified concept: 98.3%

Concept Status Count
Total: 57 Unique: 11 Required: 12
version APPROVED 1
web service name CANDIDATE 1
description APPROVED 12
operation name CANDIDATE 1
parameter name CANDIDATE 6
mime type APPROVED 6
data type CANDIDATE 6
data category reference CANDIDATE 10
semantic type CANDIDATE 6
is a configuration parameter CANDIDATE 4